Giosuč Carducci

Between Maggiore and Santo Stefano gateways, nearby one of the few remains of the walls encircling the town until 1902, the House of Giosuč Carducci is located, where the poet lived between 1890 and 1907, the year of his death.

Carducci, the great poet of post-unification Italy, was not a Bolognese by birth, but he loved Bologna more than any other town. He settled under the two towers in 1860, when, twenty-five years old, he was assigned the chair of Italian Literature at the University. In 1906, just before his death, he was awarded the Nobel Price for Literature and Bologna, known all over the world for its university, came to be famous also as celebrated in Carducci's poetry.

The story of his inner and intellectual development mirrored the evolution of historical events before and after Italy's unification. In his youth he actively participated in contemporary struggles and activities with the strong and fighting spirit and passion he had inherited from his father. This was Carducci's "republican, anticlerical season", when, a follower of Mazzini's ideals, he did not accept the moderate policy of the Monarchy (G. Petronio).

After 1870 his revolutionary fervour gradually became more subdued. His patriotic feeling, steeped in nationalistic undertones, remained strong, but he progressively came to a closer understanding of the Savoy monarchy, embracing the spirit of the bourgeois classes of his time.

In 1890 he was appointed Senator for life of the Kingdom of Italy and from 1869 to 1872 and from 1886 and 1902 he sat in the benches of Bologna's Municipal Council. He also became Bologna's honorary citizen in February 9th, 1896.


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Artistic parchment made in 1913 by M. Turco as a memento of the donation by Queen Margheritį of Savoy to the Municipality of Bologna of the Library and House where Giosuč Carducci lived from 1890 to 1907. The parchment is exhibited together with the furnishings of Casa Carducci. The Municipal Historical Archives store a photograph dating back to that time (ASCBo, Carteggio amministrativo, tit. IV, rubr. 6, sez. 3, Photo: MV).
Parchment of great value by A. Tartarini, donated to Giosuč Carducci by the Municipality of Bologna, February 9th, 1896, when the poet was awarded the town's honorary citizenship in the celebrations for his 35th year as Bologna University teacher (Casa Carducci, Photo: MV).