Arne Skivenes
was born in 1947 in Bergen. He graduated from the University of Bergen in 1976, majoring in History, and with English and Psychology as other subjects. After temporary jobs at the University Library, Regional Archives and the Municipality of Bergen, he became the first City Archivist of Bergen in 1979. There was no City Archives institution at that time, and he took on the job of building the institution, the first few years alone, today there are 12 positions at the City Archives. He was the chairman of The Norwegian Union of Local and Private Archives 1991 - 1995. He was an active partner in the group that made the data software Asta (= Archives System To All) which now is a standard for catalogueing archives in Norway. The software is now handled by The Asta Foundation, Arne Skivenes has been on the board of the foundation since the start in 1995, serving as chairman 1995, 1997 and 1999, and vice-chairman 1996 and 1998. Arne Skivenes were among the initiatiors of the Section of Municipal Archives within the International Council of Archives (London 1980), served on the preliminary committe 1980-1985, a member of the Steering Committe of the section 1992 - 2000, for the last 4 years as vice president. In 1999 he was appointed observator on the Norwegian National Committe for the Memory of The World. He has served on several project steering committes in Bergen, for a school museum, a fire brigade's museum, a lepra documentary museum, electronic archives in the municipality of Bergen etc. He is member of the Board of Representatives of the organisation of Bergen 2000.

Yngve Nedreb°
born 1954. Graduate of the University of Bergen in 1979 with subjects Norwegian language and literature, Norwegian and European History, Demographical History and Social Anthropology. Archivist at the Regional State Archives of Hamar 1980-1986, Senior Archivist at the Regional State Archives of Bergen 1986-. Director of the Regional State Archives of Bergen since 1995.
He has both led and served on several archive committees within the National Archives of Norway. From 1998 he has been leader of the Digital Archives of Norway (see ), and has a long series of archival publications to his name (see ). He is the author of the government publication "How to trace your ancestors in Norway".
Statsarkivet i Bergen (Regional State Archives of Bergen) was established in 1885. Since 1921 it has been located at ┼rstadvollen. Collections covering the years 1306-1999.

Anne ┼gotnes
is managing director of Bryggens Museum, Bergen. Bryggens Museum's primary concern is exhibiting and housing Medieval finds from Bergen and Western Norway, especially finds from the extensive excavations at Bryggen in Bergen during the years 1955-69.
In 1975, Anne Aagotnes took her Master of Arts-degree in archaeology at the University of Bergen. She has been working at Bryggens Museum since 1980, first at the Department of Archaeology, later as an educational officer, and since 1998 as managing director.
She has been in charge of Bryggens Museum's permanent Medieval exhibition, as well as of several temporary exhibitions presenting finds and scientific results from Bryggen. Among them are exhibitions in which the runic inscriptions from the Middle Ages play a central role. In this and similar connections, she has published several papers in which Medieval finds from Bergen and the significance of the runic inscriptions are interrelated.


Lucia Marani
University graduate in Literary Disciplines from Bologna University with a dissertation on Latin Literature, and post-graduate diploma in Palaeographical and Diplomatic Archival Sciences. From 1972 has been working for the Municipality of Bologna, where she has held many posts of responsibility. For several years has contributed to the publishing of the review "Bologna", and the series "Bologna Documenti del Comune", published by the Municipal Administration. She has also contributed to the writing and preparation of several publications promoted by the Municipality of Bologna. For the Department of Information and Public Relations Services she has participated in the organisation of exhibits, events and conferences, by also co-operating in press office services. Is the head officer of the Historical, Registration and Current Archives of the Municipality. Has participated in the implementation of the project of transferring current Archives materials into a computer format, an effort representing the core of Municipal ITC system for the administrative area. Has taken part in several working groups for the creation of IT applications aiming at improving the management of document flow within the administration. In the last few years ha been working in the setting up of the new premises for the Municipal Historical Archives, by co-ordinating the restoration, ordering and computerised inventory phases of documents scattered all over town, by also promoting initiatives for the dissemination of knowledge of local archival sources, mostly in favour of students and teachers, by implementing projects for Bologna, European city of culture for the year 2000. Has participated as lecturer in several conferences on the Archives of Public Administration and teaches archival sciences for the Municipality and other bodies. Is a member of ANAI, Italy's National Archival Association.

Franca Baldelli
Graduate in Pedagogy and Philosophy from Bologna University. Post-graduate diploma of Palaeographical and Diplomatic Archival Sciences. Has participated in the drafting of inventories for the "Ricognizione generale delle sezioni storiche degli archivi degli Enti Locali". Has co-operated with the Academy of Sciences of Bologna Institute in the study and research programme, Culture and life in the 18th century in Emilia-Romagna. Has published the essay "Contributi per la storia dello Studio bolognese tra Sei-Settecento", and later "Cornelij Tomaso di Cosenza, Filosofo, Medico e Astronomo e Letterato 1647" in "Nouvelles de la Republique des lettres", 1983, II; Tentativi di regolamentazione e riforme dello Studio bolognese nel '700, in "Il Carrobbio", Bologna 1984, pp. 9-27; Lo Studio bolognese tra Seicento-Settecento, in "Scienza e letteratura nella cultura italiana del Settecento", ed. by R. Cremante and W. Tega, Bologna 1984; Gli archivi parrocchiali della provincia di Modena, 1993. Has been the author of several publications of local history and has participated in the organisation of document exhibitions for the Municipality of Modena, as well as in two short-feature films. Has designed and follows the activities of "History Workshop" for several Municipalities in Emilia-Romagna. Is member of Accademia dello Scoltenna and of Deputazione di Storia Patria delle Province modenesi. Is member of ANAI, Italy's National Archival Association. Within ANAI, co-ordinates the School and Archives Group for Emilia-Romagna Region.


Krystyna Jelonek - Litewka
an MA in history, graduated in the Department of Supporting Sciences for History and Archival Records and has worked for many years as a scientist for the State Archives in Cracow. In the years 1989-1993 she was in charge of the Department of Municipal Records, and since 1998 she has been the head of the Science and Publishing Department in the State Archives in Cracow. She specialises in medieval documents, sphragistic collections and records of the city of Cracow. She is the author of numerous catalogues of documents, seals and seal stamps. She is also an author of many inventories, including the documents of the Augustian monastery at St Catherine's church in Cracow, as well as the records for the following: the Arch-brotherhood for Charity (Arcybractwo Milosierdzia), the Pious Bank (Bank Pobozny) in Cracow, the Guild of Merchants (Kongregacja Kupiecka) in Cracow, the Rifle Club (Bractwo Kurkowe) in Cracow, the Society of the Lovers of Cracow's History and Monuments (Towarzystwo Milosnikˇw Historii i Zabytkˇw Krakowa). Krystyna Jelonek - Litewka was also the co-editor of the sources for the history of Cracow published in the series Fontes Cracovienses by the Society of the Lovers of Cracow's History and Monuments.

Magdalena Marosz
in 1987 graduated in history, specializing in the keeping of archives at Jagiellonian University (MA). In December 1985 she began to work for the State Archives in Cracow in the Department of Minicipal Records. In the beginning, she was occupied with the preparation of the inscriptions which gives the particulars of the records in the books of the town council from the second half of the 16th century, and subsequently with the sorting and describing of the collection of Jan Augustyn, consisting mainly of the nineteenth-century iconographic materials. Simultaneously, on behalf of the State Archives in Cracow, Magdalena Marosz prepared two exhibitions: the first one concerned the man-made mounds in Cracow (1992); the other commemorated the anniversary of Kosciuszko's Insurrection (1994). She received twice (in 1992/1993 and in 1994) a scholarship to the USA where she worked in the archives of Polish cultural institutions in New York. In 1996 she also participated in archival training in Sweden (Riksarkivet in Stockholm). Since 1995 Magdalena Marosz has been the deputy director of the State Archives. Among her duties is the proper protection, conservation and reprography of archival materials, as well as all problems involving the availability and lending out of archival materials. Since the end of 1998 she has been the head of the Department Municipal Records.

Waclaw Kolak
PhD, studied both the history of art and general history at the Department of Humanities at Jagiellonian University in the years 1946-1952. On 28 March 1952 he received his MA diploma in philosophy. From 1952 to 1984, he worked as a scientist for the State Archives in Cracow. He has been the author of numerous catalogues and inventories, collections of records of town and church institutions in Cracow, as well as the author of many iconographic collections. Waclaw Kolak received his PhD diploma in humanities at Jagiellonian University on 29 June 1982, and since has been a lecturer of Supporting Sciences for History, Archival Records and Latin Palaeography at the Department of Church History of the Papal Academy of Theology in Cracow. He has been a member of the editorial committee of the annual Cracovian Archival Journal (Krakowski Rocznik Archiwalny), and has been appointed by the metropolitan bishop of Cracow as a member of several historical commissions for beatification inquiries. Waclaw Kolak has published many works concerning archival sciences and the history of Cracow.


Juhani Lomu
M.A. from the University of Tampere majoring in general history. Higher degree in archiving from the State Archives (now the National Archives). Archive positions held: Researcher at the State Archives 1972-1974, City Archivist at the Turku City Archives 1975-1977, Archive Consultant at the Association of Finnish Cities 1977-1990, and City Archivist of the Helsinki City Archives 1990-. Numerous memberships of different archive committees and working groups in Finland.


Vßclav Ledvinka
PhDr., CSc., Docent (Associate Professor) (*1947) Director of the Prague City Archives, external teacher of Institute of Economic and Social History, Faculty of Arts Charles University Prague and History Dept. of the University J. E. Purkyný in ┌stÝ nad Labem (North Bohemia). Member of the Academic Council of the Czech Academy of Science, member of the Scientific Council of the National Museum in Prague, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Czech Archives; Member of the research group for early modern history in Prague. Editor-in-chief yearbook Pra×skř sbornÝk historickř and Documenta Pragensia. His field of research interest is economic, social and cultural history of the Bohemian nobility and cities in the 16th - 17th centuries, history of Prague in the early modern period and European history 15th - 17th centuries (aristocracy, cities, economy, culture, reformation) in general.


AndrÚs Erlingsson (b. 1968)
Final exam at Sund College in 1990. BA-degree in history from the University of Iceland in 1997. Archivist at The Reykjavik Municipal Archives from August 1998, where responsibilities include advising agencies and departments of the city about records management. In the summers of 1991 and 1997 he worked at the architectural research department of the ReykjavÝk Museum at ┴rbŠr and in 1993-1994 in the department of collections. AndrÚs has just finished writing the book "Hotel B˙­ir in SnŠfellsnes. Its history for half a century", which will be published shortly.

Lř­ur Bj÷rnsson (b. 1933)
Final exam at ReykjavÝk College in 1954. BA-degree in history and geography from the University of Iceland in 1957. Teachers certificate same year. Cand. Mag. degree in history from the University of Iceland in 1965. Assistant professor in history at Iceland University of Education 1976-1983 and associate professor 1983-1985. Since 1985 he has worked mainly as a researcher and writer, as well as teaching history at the Commercial College of Iceland. Lř­ur has written over 20 books and numerous articles. He has, for example, written about history of local administration, history of trades and work in Iceland and popular course-books in history for college level. He is chairman of the editorial committee for writing the history of ReykjavÝk.

SigrÝ­ur Bj÷rk Jˇnsdˇttir (b. 1972)
Final exam from the Women's College in ReykjavÝk in 1992. B.A. degree in History and Anthropology in the University of Iceland in 1995. Further studies in Social Anthropology at the University of Iceland, spring 1996 and courses in Classical Art History and Landscape Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley in 1998. Presently studying for an M.A. degree in History and Theory of Architecture and Design at the University of Essex, England. Archivist at the Reykjavik Municipal Archives 1998-1999.

SigrÝ­ur Hj÷rdÝs J÷rundsdˇttir (b. 1968)
Final exam from Akranes College in 1990. BA degree in history from the University of Iceland and the University of Copenhagen in 1995. Teacher's Certificate from the University of Iceland in 1998. Received a scholarship from the ArnamagnŠan Manuscript Collection in Copenhagen in 1995 to research documents in Copenhagen concerning the transportation of prisoners from Iceland to prisons in Copenhagen in the years 1730-1830. Article in "Sagnir", the magazine of students in history in 1993. Archivist at the Reykjavik Municipal Archives from August 1998, where she is in charge of collecting and describing private collections.

Svanhildur Bogadˇttir (b. 1962)
Final exam from Kopavogur College in 1982, BA degree in history and comparative literature from the University of Iceland in 1985, MA degree in history and a certificate in archival management from New York University in 1987. Worked with her studies doing oral history interviews for the National Museum of Iceland, as well as working in the Archives of Trinity Church on Wall Street in New York City and Archives of YMCA of Greater New York and doing internship in other archives. City archivist and director of Reykjavik Municipal Archives from 1987. Her BA thesis "Condition of Trawlermen - changes with modern trawlers and laws about working hours" was published in 1988. Svanhildur has written several articles in magazines and journals, taught courses on record management and given presentations both in Iceland and abroad. She was a founder of the Icelandic Records Management Association in 1988 and it's president 1989-1991, vice-president 1997-1998 and has been editor of the newsletter of the IRMA since 1997.


MarÝa JosÚ Justo MartÝn
graduated in history from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She has been a member of "Cuerpo Facultativo de Archiveros" (professional body of archivists) since 1986. She was Director of the Historical Archives of the Province of Pontevedra and has, since 1987, been Director of the Historical Archives at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In her work as Director of Archives she has been responsible for technical work such as organising university documents from the medieval period to the present day. She has also published works on medieval parchment documents and on other historical periods. In addition she has organised notarial documents from modern and contemporary periods in several districts, reflected in a number of publications such as the Inventories of A Coruna, Santiago de Compostela, Noia and so on. She has written studies on notarial institutions and prepared an exhibition and exhibition catalogue on the same topic at Santiago de Compostela. She is a member of the "Institut International d'Histoire du Notariat". She has worked on the design of a record management system at the University and organised the transfer of personnel files from the faculties to the new academic management units and the Historical Archives. As a Director of the Historical Archives, she has headed the project to digitalise the historical archives and transfer them to electronic media. This project, which was initiated in 1997, was the first of its kind in Galicia. MarÝa JosÚ Justo has led and attended several professional courses and conferences on issues relating to archives.