Thanks to:
Christopher John Harris for language assistance, translations and advice.
Knut Ormhaug (Bergen Art Museum), Knut L, Espelid (Bergen University Library) and Stig Brunstad for help with texts and presentations.
The staff at City Archives of Bergen for all kinds of support.
The staff of Bergen 2000 for believing in this project.

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this publication. In particular a special thank to: Severino Maccaferri, Euride Fregni, Aurelia Casagrande, Giuliano Gresleri, Massimo Giansante, Diana Tura, Claudia Salterini, Carmela Binchi, Ingrid Germani, Francesca Boris, Maurizio Bigazzi, Barbara Valotti, Rossella Turco, Viviana Dozza, Simonetta Santucci, Tania Zanardi, Pierangelo Bellettini, Valeria Roncuzzi Roversi Monaco, Paola Ceccarelli, Maria Caterina Capra, Paolo Trevisani, Gigliola Vecchiatini. Our special thanks to Maria Rosaria Celli Giorgini, director of Bologna State Archives for her precious advice, and for having granted permission with deliberation n. 436 of 1/9/1999, to photograph the documents held by the State Archives of Bologna. A heartfelt thank to Mauro Scagnolari, assistant director of the Account Department of Bologna Municipality, for having provided his support in all the necessary tasks which have contributed to make the project possible. Thanks also to Comitato Bologna 2000.
We also would like to thank the staff of the Historical Archives and General Protocol Offices of Bologna Municipality for their kind help, in particular Raffaella Crabbia for her whole-hearted commitment and support to the project.

We would like to thank:
Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewˇdztwa Malopolskiego for supporting the project.
Biuro Festiwalowe Krakˇw 2000 for co-operation and support.
Zofia Chwedczuk - Sokolowska and Earl De Mott for proof-reading and all others who helped to prepare our presentations

Proofreading was done by Svanhildur Gunnarsdˇttir, Hope Millington and Svanhildur Bogadˇttir. The editor is responsible for any error.
Scanning was done by Hans Petersen, Laugarvegi 178, Reykjavik.
SigrÝ­ur H. J÷rundsdˇttir kept tracks of our presentations. Corrections was made by SigrÝ­ur end the editor.
Thanks to ReykjavÝk, Cultural City of Europe 2000 for supporting us and believing in this project.
Thanks to staff of the ReykjavÝk City Archives of for all kinds of support.

Santiago de Compostela
I would like to extend a special thanks to the University of Santiago de Compostela for its support throughout the project.
Thanks also to Compostela 2000 for entrusting us with it.
And thanks to all the staff of University's Historical Archives who have contributed to this presentation.
Thanks to Jaime Fari˝a Fernßndez, of the Historical Archives' technical staff for his help in selecting documents and developing the project.